Alex Higley low kick kickboxing fight


Here at Higley Fit, Kickboxing martial arts classes are taught in such a way that combines correct Kickboxing and Muay Thai technique with a heart-pounding cardio workout. Whether your goal is to learn and improve your Kickboxing fundamentals to become the next K1, WCK, Glory, or Bellator Kickboxing champion, or if you’re just looking for a fun new workout that will challenge you each and every time; this is the class for you. Come ready to work hard, challenge yourself both physically and mentally and get in the best shape of your life.

The intensive cardio Kickboxing Classes at Higley Fit Martial Arts also incorporate work on the Heavy Bags as well as on Thai Pads. Having a clear understanding of how to properly train using these tools and different benefits and differences from working out on the heavy bags compared to Thai pads is something our students will learn and master through continued training and repetition.


Maybe you grew up watching some of the greats square off in the squared circle and are now ready to give it a try? Or possibly you have trained in boxing and competed on an amateur or professional circuit? Regardless, Boxing classes at Higley Fit Martial Arts are guaranteed to have you light on your feet and striking with speed and power.

These classes combing work on both heavy bags and focus mitts. You won’t just be stuck on a heavy bag to fend for yourself. In this class you will be shown proper technique for both throwing and setting up your punches. You will learn how to correctly move to avoid punches, and how to counter punches from opponents. And if it’s a cardio workout you need, you had better believe your heart is going to be pounding out of your chest from the second we start until the final second of class!

Kickboxing Technique

This class is primarily geared towards those who are ready to take their skills to the next level. These are contact classes, where full sparring and safety gear is required to participate in these classes.

During these sessions we go into depth with all areas of kickboxing fundamentals: striking, movement, counter striking, and defense.

Those who dedicate themselves will improve their technique to the point where they will be ready to compete at the amateur level (though competing is not required). If you’re ready to further develop your kickboxing technique in a focused, traditional environment, this class is for you.


The Japanese art of Judo is something I am very proud to offer at Higley Fit Martial Arts because while it incorporates many of the submission techniques that are seen in Jiu Jitsu, Judo has a greater focus on the throws or Tachi Waza (standing techniques). In the Judo classes our focus is to warm up and run the classes very traditionally. Everything from the exercises in the warmup, to the Uchikomi’s (repetition judo drills), is true to the art form.

Recently Judo has been showcased in a new light in MMA fights, where there is no use of the traditional Judo Gi. While our Judo classes are always taught in the Gi, at times various techniques may also be demonstrated without the use of the Gi, for those interested in learning how to incorporate these techniques into MMA, or for use in a self defense/street fight situation.

Check out the current Class Schedule to find a time that works for you, or Contact Us with questions.